Discover your future.

Design your career.

At Oregon State, we're building a university where connections between your coursework and your career are infused into the curriculum throughout your college journey. We're here to help not just think about next steps, but to look toward horizons.

You came to Oregon State for a reason. You may dream of stepping into the boardroom or standing in front of a classroom, of researching alternative energy or reshaping public policy. Whatever success looks like for you, the education you're investing in needs to equip you for the future.

That's why we're doing more than just talking about career readiness – we're embedding it into our curriculum. Beyond OSU is our signature approach to career development: a sequence of intentionally designed experiences that ensures you graduate confident in your ability to find meaningful work in your chosen field.


Beyond OSU


What we're aiming for, and how we'll get there.

Beyond OSU Vision

What's Next

Where do we want to be a year from now? Five years from now?

What's Next


Our goal is to build a forward-thinking vision across Oregon State, empowering every college and school with equitable, innovative practices and tools to prepare students for life Beyond OSU.


It's education, integrated with purpose.